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Selection of quality sturgeon caviar:
1 In order to choose caviar , find out which type it belongs to .
2 Find out the habitat of this fish.
3 Comparate the fish habitat wiht location of the producer.If they match the probability that you choose aquality product is 80 %.
4.Cooperating with us you are guaranteed to become a consumer of high-quality caviar!!!

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Three processing methods

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Caviar surpasses meat in calories. It is rich in proteins, fats and mineral salts. It contains a lot of phosphorus, potassium and zinc, vitamins and valuable fatty acids. Depending on the processing method, the caviar is divided into granular, pressed and coarse. For the preparation of the first, only “mature” eggs are used — they are rather strong, resilient, uniform in size and color, and they are easily separated from the connective tissue and from each other. Granular pasteurized caviar, that is, heated during processing with the addition of antiseptics, stored in closed form for no more than 8 months, and in the open – one or two days. Pusyu do from a mixture of the most fatty sturgeon and sturgeon eggs. Calfish caviar, or, it is also called, “poacher snack”, is prepared, being not cleaned of film (yastika), as a rule, directly at the crime scene, in the sense of the catch.

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All caviar, without exception, is prepared by salting, which looks like this: films with a precious product are taken out of the fish, eggs are separated from the connective tissue – they are punched on a special grid – rumble, washed, dumped on a sieve, weighed and added the required amount of salt. The process of “salting” caviar lasts a few minutes and ends when the greatest amount of brine is formed – brine. A clear sign of proper salting – the eggs in a jar are whole and well separated from one another. From fresh caviar, unsuitable for making grainy, make pressed. It is salted directly in brine brine directly in the film. After salting and easy pressing, as a result of which the caviar turns into a homogeneous mass, the finished product is laid out in banks.


The first written mention of caviar dates back to 1240. At that time, fish eggs salted heavily. The most expensive was a fresh granular product of sturgeon and white salmon. Europe tasted black caviar only in the second half of the XIX century. By this time she was salted and tasty.

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Features of the production of sturgeon caviar.

Siberian sturgeon – has a large belly, easy to breed (compared to the Caspian sturgeon).When registering with CITES, the entire breeding herd is registered.Caspian sturgeon – the size of the belly is smaller than that of the Siberian sturgeon, more difficult to breed.When registering with CITES, each individual is registered separately.Beluga caviar is the oldest representative of sturgeon, large eggs 5-7 mm of royal caviar (caviar of Russian tsars – emperors).It is registered in the same way as the Caspian sturgeon.

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