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buy fresh fishA bit of history

Sturgeon is a prehistoric fish. Its first traces appeared 350 million years ago. In the northern hemisphere there are 24 species of sturgeon.

They can live for more than 100 years and reach 2 meters in length, such as the Siberian sturgeon, or 8 meters in length and weigh 2 tons, like Beluga.

This fish is caught from ancient times because of its meat and caviar.

The first caviar appeared in the time of Persia and was presented to the Kings, and then came to Europe with the resettlement of the Russian aristocracy during the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. It decorates the festive tables of France from the Golden Twenties, and thus becomes a symbol of luxury and the art of living.

Sturgeon is an endangered species due to mass extermination. It has been protected since 1998, its sale is regulated and regulated by the international organization CITES. Today, only breeding is allowed, which is carried out in 87 points of the planet.

buy fresh fish

buy fresh fish .

buy fresh fish .

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