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crab wireThe rulers of ancient Persia valued the mystical power of sturgeon caviar, which they opened to the world, above all treasures.

Giant fishes, going to spawn, easily turned over fragile boats and doomed fishermen to sacrificial death in the cold waters of the Caspian Sea. The black caviar fished with such a risk on the shore was immediately added with a pinch of sea salt and served to the lord freshest – as soon as possible. It was believed that it cures many diseases, gives vitality, gives the kings strong descendants.

To the table of the ancient Greeks, a rare treat, which Aristotle mentioned in the fourth century BC, was brought from the colonies

A tiny vessel filled with hardly a hundred black eggs cost more than a flock of sheep a hundred heads.

The ancient Romans extolled so much the caviar for its healing properties that the whole system of trumpeters proclaimed the curiosity at the feasts, and the dishes were decorated with garlands of fresh flowers.

When the darkness of the Middle Ages fell on Europe after the death of the Roman Empire, the caviar literally dissolved in this shadow. Has disappeared.

In the XII century, it was rediscovered by Russian fishermen.

From then until now, sturgeon caviar has been associated with Russia, royal treasures and appetites of nobility.

Peter the First was eating black caviar in incredible quantities. Every year, 11 tons of caviar from Astrakhan and Azerbaijan were delivered annually to the court of Nicholas II as a tax on the highest approved craft.


Pope Julius II returned black caviar to Europe

Patron of the monumental frescoes of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, he was known as a great gourmet and took it upon himself to present a delicacy at the ceremonies of each royal house, where he had time to go.

The mention of caviar as a snack first appeared in the book of Francois Rabelais

The French expression of hors d’oeuvre bears in itself shades of meaning as subtle as the nuances of noble taste: from inimitable creation and rim for jewels to a pleasing deed.

Colbert, the finance nister of France, known for his zealousness and strategic plans for the ages to come, tried to develop the caviar industry in the mouth of Girona, where wild sturgeons came to spawn. But the taste of caviar, which was mined on the Volga at its inflow into the Caspian Sea, was unparalleled, and could not be surpassed.

When World War I broke out, and then the revolution in Russia, the aristocrats took with them to emigration the aristocratic habit of eating caviar

And in 1920, Charles Ritz officially introduced a delicacy to the menu of his Paris hotel.

Elitism, extravagance: for many years, caviar caused such associations in the United States and Switzerland, Japan and the Gulf countries.

The bankers’ wives boasted that they spoiled their favorite cats with caviar. Sheikhs ordered caviar to take baths from it. The golden niche, which was exploited by black caviar producers and suppliers, had shrunk to the beginning of the 21st century. Almost all the wild livestock of sturgeon, long exterminated in Europe, was on the verge of extinction in the waters of the Caspian Sea. For lovers of jewelry, this is reminiscent of the story of natural emeralds – they are no longer on the planet.

Unlike other luxury goods, which can now be bought almost anywhere, the price of black caviar has soared 40 times in the last 50 years.

The kings of ancient Persia would nod in approval of the Caspian coast – their fetish regained its former aura. And the point is not that the most expensive sturgeon-albino caviar in the world, which is more than a hundred years old, now costs as much as the stones of the first group, and its packaging is covered with 24-carat gold.

It is more important to think about preserving the true value of black caviar. There are not many suppliers among those who will not disappoint connoisseurs of authentic taste. Choose those who follow the golden rule: caviar is worth respect. Pay tribute to her.

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