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Selection of quality sturgeon caviar:
1 In order to choose caviar , find out which type it belongs to .
2 Find out the habitat of this fish.
3 Comparate the fish habitat wiht location of the producer.If they match the probability that you choose aquality product is 80 %.
4.Cooperating with us you are guaranteed to become a consumer of high-quality caviar!!!

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The history of luxury is black caviar. Nomenklatura workers ate caviar without restriction, the rest of the citizens received it in the so-called orders for major revolutionary holidays. A standard 56-gram can at Brezhnev cost 4 rubles 50 kopecks, which was comparable to the cost of a bottle of vodka. Extracted caviar was given to children or placed on a festive table to impress guests. In << Masks Show >> once they made a parody on this topic: preparing to receive guests, the hostess picks out herring eyes 🙂 The history of luxury is black caviar. If we talk about an earlier period of history, then in the Middle Ages sturgeon were found in Europe. King Edward II of England ordered everyone who caught such a fish to immediately provide it to the royal table. However, the sturgeon was quickly exterminated there. The Russian Empire began to ship caviar to Europe as early as the 19th century. The French advertised the product as “a favorite delicacy of the Russian Tsars”. Caviar was also imported from the USA, but they managed to kill sturgeon there even earlier than ours. The history of luxury is black caviar. Little Known Facts About Black Caviar: Fact 1. The first entries about << khavyar >> – black caviar – were made back in 1240. The record was discovered in the office of the legendary Batu Khan, the ruler of the Golden Horde. Until now, in some countries this delicacy is called caviar. Fact 2. Black caviar has long been considered a Russian delicacy, as the sturgeon spawns in the basins of the Caspian and Black Seas. The main catch areas are the Amur River and the Danube. Fact 3. According to experts, the original recipe for the most popular and favorite Russian salad, which was compiled by the ingenious chef Olivier, included 14 pounds of caviar. Also, besides caviar, grouse, calf’s tongue and boiled crayfish meat were put in the dish. The history of luxury is black caviar. Fact 4. The most expensive caviar in the world is not black, but golden. A kilogram of beluga caviar from Iran costs about 30 thousand dollars. It is extracted from fish older than a hundred years, it is believed that the older the beluga, the more tender the caviar. Iranian firm House Almas sells it in pure gold banks. Fact 5. Caviar became a restaurant dish in the 1920s in France. Then in Paris, the emigrants from Baku by the name of Petrosyan created the Caviar House – Petrossian Paris. The history of luxury – black caviar .. Fact 6. Under Ivan the Terrible, black caviar boiled in poppy milk was the main dish on the royal festive table. For these purposes, fishermen at the yard supplied 1500 sturgeon annually. Fact 7. Caviar goes well with butter or sour cream. Serving red caviar is recommended in tartlets, and according to Russian customs, red caviar is often served with pancakes. In France, it is traditionally served with foie gras or baguettes. But to eat black caviar should be exclusively silver devices! And this is due to the fact that contact with spoons of any other metal changes the taste of caviar for the worse. The history of luxury is black caviar. Fact 8. Black caviar is a recognized aphrodisiac. It contains a record amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that contribute to the proper metabolism, rapid recovery of strength and increase sexual opportunities. Fact 9. The biggest purchase of caviar in history was made by singer George Benson. For 3 tons of caviar, which he bought for his 50-year anniversary, the singer paid 3 million dollars. Fact 10. Charlie Chaplin was a big fan of black caviar. Once he was paid an unusual fee: 4 kilograms of a black game. The history of luxury is black caviar. Fact 11. The name “black” does not always correspond to the true color of the caviar. The color of the beluga caviar is silver-gray, the sturgeon gives dark turquoise caviar, and the black grain is painted in the grain of stellate sturgeon. Fact 12. The director of the film << Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession >> Leonid Gaidai wanted all the food at the royal feast to be real, not fake. And he invested his own funds in it, having spent about 200 rubles on delicacies – the average salary in the USSR. The history of luxury is black caviar. Caviar is an undoubted attribute of luxury and good taste. Also, caviar is considered to be a traditional Russian delicacy and decoration of the festive table.

fish roe caviar ! High-quality sturgeon caviar from Russia. Known all over the world since the Times when Russia was an Empire. You have a unique opportunity to experience that incredible taste.

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fish roe caviar !

Features of the production of sturgeon caviar.

Siberian sturgeon – has a large belly, easy to breed (compared to the Caspian sturgeon).When registering with CITES, the entire breeding herd is registered.Caspian sturgeon – the size of the belly is smaller than that of the Siberian sturgeon, more difficult to breed.When registering with CITES, each individual is registered separately.Beluga caviar is the oldest representative of sturgeon, large eggs 5-7 mm of royal caviar (caviar of Russian tsars – emperors).It is registered in the same way as the Caspian sturgeon.

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