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hotel supply companies in usa

hotel supply companies in usa. High quality sturgeon caviar can be obtained by growing sturgeon in natural habitat. Get price.100% natural caviar.
Selection of quality sturgeon caviar:
1 In order to choose caviar , find out which type it belongs to .
2 Find out the habitat of this fish.
3 Comparate the fish habitat wiht location of the producer.If they match the probability that you choose aquality product is 80 %.
4.Cooperating with us you are guaranteed to become a consumer of high-quality caviar!!!

Fishermen before the First World War mined on the Volga and in the waters of the Caspian Sea up to 40 thousand tons of sturgeon annually.

The historical upheavals that followed — the revolution and the civil war — so reduced their prey that the sturgeon population increased significantly. In 1938, the Soviet Union restricted fishing for rare fish. But war broke out again. In addition, Iran in 1940, by mutual agreement of the countries, also obtained the right to catch.

From the state monopoly on the trade of caviar with foreigners after the annexation of the Caspian lands to the Russian Empire to protection measures during Soviet times, Caspian sturgeon was protected as a national treasure of the country.

In the early 60s of the last century, the USSR returned to the practice of strict regulation of livestock

These measures have led to another increase in natural reserves. But then oil entered the dirty game … and geopolitics.

Growing hydrocarbon production on the Caspian shelf affected the aquatic environment. But sturgeon fish in the wild feed on the very bottom, where harmful impurities accumulated. Caspian warmed and shallow. Poisoning has destroyed many spawning grounds, catastrophically affecting reproduction.

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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, immediately five independent states along the Caspian coast – Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran – began fishing in parallel. Smuggling, predatory extermination, uncontrolled fishing – sturgeon was threatened with extinction.


In 2000, only 40 tons of black caviar were produced in the country: 40 times less than in 1990

10 years later, Russia exported only 10 tons of sturgeon caviar – 14 times less than in 1989.

If earlier the Caspian provided 98 percent of the world production of black caviar, then over the next 15 years, the sturgeon population in the lower reaches of the Volga and at its inflow into the Caspian Sea, according to the Russian Fishing Agency, fell by 99 percent.

Since 1998, global sturgeon trade has been regulated by the CITES convention, which has been consistently tightened up to 2009.

25 out of 27 species of sturgeon fish fall under its action. In addition to joining the convention, in 2013 Russia introduced the strictest responsibility for illegal extraction, maintenance, acquisition, storage, transportation, shipment and sale of highly valuable wild animals and aquatic biological resources belonging to species listed in the Red Book of Russia and (or) protected international treaties, their parts and derivatives. The export of caviar from the Caspian region was completely frozen.

CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

By law, in Russia today only sale of caviar of sturgeon grown in aquaculture is allowed. So caviar has found a new home.

The Russian Union of Sturgeon Producers, in cooperation with government agencies, constantly monitors the production of legal products at each stage.

All products are mined, processed and delivered to customers in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of CITES

Far-sighted entrepreneurs in Russia, Switzerland, Germany, France and the rest of the world began to invest in aquaculture development, although getting the highest quality eggs from livestock selected for breeding is not an easy task. But the most eminent chefs and passengers of prestigious airlines in the first class salons now consider the caviar of aquaculture farms to be the standard of taste.

Our main helper is cold

You can call it a cold calculation: for months and years ahead. Strictly controlled water temperature in combination with the most environmentally friendly methods of its purification allow, without any artificial methods of stimulation, to receive eggs from eight-year-old sturgeon females.

For several months, we additionally lower the temperature in giant reservoirs – in the native habitat, the fish prepare for spawning during the wintering period. And gets rid of excess fat, thereby improving the taste and aroma of caviar. Ultrasound diagnosis allows you to determine the optimal degree of maturation.


How do we extract caviar? Cool and almost painless

In Russia since ancient times, the method of extraction of the most delicious black caviar directly during the cutting of fish was called the method of slaughter.

Foreign experts delicately call this process sacrificing: the sacrifice. Sturgeon is covered with ice, immersed in hibernation, so that the transferred stress does not affect the taste of the delicacy.

Ready-made caviar is stored, sold and delivered only chilled.

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