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maine lobster specials

maine lobster specials .

maine lobster specials . Wholesale of caviar from 5kg .Russian Caviar. We cooperate with restaurants, casinos, hotels, catering companies, retail chains, cruises companies, night clubs, cosmetics manufacturers and supermarkets.

maine lobster specialsHistorically, Russia was either a monopolist or a leader in caviar sales. Black sturgeon caviar was not considered a delicacy and was available to the peasants. However, after the revolution, the situation changed – deliveries from Russia to Europe stopped, so Europe decided to help itself, and already in the 20s of the last century in France, a pair of enterprising Armenians, Nalbandov and Petrosyan, opened the first “caviar houses” known under the brands Petrossian Paris (Paris) and Caviar Volga (Cannes).

Until the 80s of the 20th century, black caviar remained a fairly common product on the tables of ordinary Soviet citizens and in the rest of the world was strongly associated with Russia, taking its place alongside with balalaika, vodka, matryoshka, Russian ballet and the Kremlin. However, since the mid-60s, the active construction of hydroelectric power plants began to prevent fish spawning, which led to a reduction in the sturgeon population. The waters of the Volga-Caspian basin – the habitat of sturgeon – have become rapidly polluted. In many ways, the poachers also contributed to a sharp decline in the sturgeon population: fish was harvested only for caviar, which doomed sturgeon reaching sexual maturity at the age of 7-11 years, to an almost complete extinction.

In 2007, the countries of the Caspian region (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Iran) adopted a moratorium on industrial sturgeon fishing. Among consumers, this has caused rumors that black caviar is prohibited for sale. The market was flooded with poaching caviar, harvested illegally and processed in unsanitary conditions. The situation that emerged was a vivid example of the saying “I heard a ringing, but I don’t know where he is”: only a few understood that the ban applied only to poaching caviar. Legal black caviar, obtained from sturgeon grown in special sturgeon farms, was never banned.

Unfortunately, the danger of poaching caviar for health and its low quality do not impede huge sales volumes: compared to “cultural” caviar, it costs less. Almost every year about 1000 poisonings associated with the use of poor poaching caviar are registered.

Very black caviar

Judge for yourself. The main technological rule for caviar production is the principle of collecting only live fish. A legal manufacturer within 10 minutes after receiving the caviar sends the raw materials for processing – only strict adherence to technology can ensure the best quality of the final product. Poachers catching fish in “wild” conditions, try not to “shine” – the nets are checked once every few days.

The biochemical processes of decomposition come further into play: the dead sturgeon will lie in the nets for a long time, the processes of decay will begin in it, and the released harmful enzymes will turn the spawn into a time bomb. In order to stifle the unpleasant taste, poachers use completely killer preservatives that are forbidden to use – in fact, they are poisons that tend to accumulate in the body.

Separately, it should be said about the processing, packaging and transportation of caviar. In field conditions, poachers wash raw caviar with water from the nearest reservoir – it doesn’t matter that they were bathing cattle or dumping industrial waste there. Caviar is packaged in plastic containers and stored in violation of temperature regimes. Dirty hands and the same equipment, unsanitary processing conditions – it is in these conditions that the “delicacy” is made, which will soon go on sale. The product can reach the destination for several days, and the rules for the transport of caviar are not always followed. Freezing – defrosting – re-freezing, and you have on the table a product that even with a very big stretch can hardly be called black caviar.

The caviar making workshop at an aquacultural enterprise resembles a small operating theater: all stages of caviar production — from receiving to processing on “rattling” and packaging — are strictly controlled. Perhaps another significant advantage of the “cultural” caviar will be the conditions of sturgeon: the fish throughout its life receives special observation, special balanced feed.

Caviar maturity is a separate topic for discussion. Most of those who consider themselves caviar gourmets are one hundred percent convinced that the best, “the same” black caviar is necessarily slaughter (obtained by slaughtering fish for spawning). She de and the most delicious, and the fattest, and in general the most it. Experts say that the fat content in the “milking” caviar (it is obtained in a special way, in which the fish remains alive) is not much less – by 10-12%, such caviar is more dietary, of the highest degree of maturity.

Considering that the traditional sturgeon spawning grounds are now almost universally occupied by hydraulic structures, the sturgeon simply does not reach spawning, which means that the caviar is unripe. Probably, many will be surprised to hear that in aquaculture, sturgeon females regularly do ultrasound examinations, determining the health of the fish, its readiness to give eggs and the degree of maturity of the eggs themselves.

The present and the future of white caviar

Now in Russia there are several large sturgeon farms legally engaged in the production and sale of black sturgeon caviar. You can order high-quality sturgeon caviar from us.

maine lobster specials

maine lobster specials .

maine lobster specials .

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